A sweat suit is a form of garment which is made using water proof material and it features a unique design which allows the user to sweat extensively. It is also sometimes referred to as a ‘rubber suit’ because earlier versions of this suit were either made from rubber or a type of cloth which has certain characteristics of rubber in it. Nowadays, sweat suits or windbreakers are made from coated nylon or from PVC. It is made in a way which allows it to be water proof. These suits are used by people for a number of reasons which are mentioned as follows:

Used for losing weight

These suits are most commonly used when working out or during sessions of intense physical exercise that are performed in order to lose weight. This is one of the reasons for which wrestlers, professional boxers, and MMA fighters make use of these suits when they seek to qualify for a certain weight category. The rise in body temperature, along with the intense sweating induced by these suits help the person in losing weight due to loss of water. However, one must use these suits with due caution mainly because of the effects of dehydration caused by wearing these track suits. Water loss can cause dehydration and it considerably increases the chances of a heat stroke, which is why one should use these suits with caution as in extreme cases the above mentioned conditions may cause death as well.

It claimed that a sweat suit results in an increase in weight loss as it increases the metabolic rate, which aids in burning calories and this claim is endorsed by many experts in the field.

Use as a body wrap

These suits are also used in health spas to serve the purpose of body wraps. In the beginning the user is wrapped in bandages saturated with minerals and other forms of herbal preparations. After this is done the user is covered with a sauna suit. The main goal in this case is to allow the wearers of the suit to release the toxins present in their body through sweat. This is the most common use of these sweat suits.

For treating Psoriasis

These suits are used for medical purposes, including the treatment for psoriasis. This is essentially a type of skin inflammation which results in considerable discomfort and itching. This condition requires the affected person to keep the skin moist which is why these suits come in handy as they can be used to induce sweating. As these suits do not absorb water the person sweats extensively keeping the skin moist.