A marching band uniform has to be just right with everything complementing each other. Sloppy attire is just not acceptable, and therefore, you should be careful that you maintain the right color combination among other details. This is specifically true for the hat that you pick out for your band uniform. There are many things that you need to consider before you go and buy a marching band hat. It is an important aspect of the uniform as it helps in maintaining an even or standardized look on the whole. It serves to make the band look as one whole unit without any differentiation in terms of hair or gender, etc. Listed below are some tips which will help you choose the right hat for your marching band uniform.

  • You need to ensure that your hat goes with your uniform. This requires the consideration of the type of the band that you are required to get the hat for. It could be a simpler hat for a simple uniform or in the case where the uniform is quite elaborate, the marching band hat, needs to be just as detailed.
  • When choosing a marching band hat, you will find that there is a larger variety available in the market. Especially when it comes to the different types available in the market, such as:

1.     Shako:

This is the most common type of marching band hat that is used. These hats have a cylindrical shape which is decorated with a small visor, along with a small hole for holding the plume and a chin strap to hold it in position. It also comes with some kind of decoration like an emblem or a chin. The most common use of these hats is in high school bands. These are standard marching band hats and they prove to be a good choice for anyone who is indecisive of which one to get.

2.     Helmet/Caps

Helmets or caps go well with a marching band uniform for military bands. These might also prove useful for bands which have a military background. These hats have a more formal look which is why they go well with uniforms which are more formal.

3.     Unique hats

Some bands are more informal and they have unique style hats. These hats are sometimes viewed as being very unusual mainly due to the relaxed and informal look that they carry. These hats include vintage jazz hats or the hats of the ‘bearskins’ or the ‘busby’, and are tall and furry and its similar to the ones mentioned previously.

There is a vast variety of marching band hats available in the market these days and we maintain almost all categories to meet your needs.