There are many different types of colored guard uniforms available in the market. Each type differs from the other in terms of components and design. Usually color guard outfits include attractive tunics, leotards, and black pants which are stretchy in nature. Different combinations of these components are used to deliver different designs of color guard uniforms. There are various accessories and additional materials that can be used with color guard outfits in order to make it more elaborate and more distinguishable. The kind of gear used with these uniforms depends upon the dance routine that the team needs to perform.

Essentially the color guard is a kind of a dance team which mostly performs alongside a marching band on a football field. This dancing group or band is also hired to perform at different kinds of parades, but that happens occasionally. A color guard may come equipped with various props which they might use during their routines. These props may include flags, batons, plastic rifles and other such materials which might be used to complement the nature of the performance that the band is about to perform.

All color guard uniforms are designed to be eye catching as that is the main purpose of the band. The uniform ensures the dance groups get all the attention of the crowd which is why it is made to standout. The main idea is for the bands to be visible even form a considerable distance and which is why color guard uniforms are very detailed in nature. Most of the color guard uniforms have glittery material sewed into them to reflect the lights of the stadium making the dancers more visible. Furthermore, this material benefits by making the movements of the dancers more visible and pronounced.

Stretch pants are considered to be the foundation of a color guard uniform. These pants serve the purpose of being supportive and are usually made to fit the form of the dancers. However, these pants are never too tight so as to restrict the dancer’s movement or to reveal the shape of the dancer’s body. Depending on the type of performance for which the uniform is required, different forms of dance tops or tunics may be worn along with these pants.

The additional pieces that are used as part of the color guard uniforms are considered according to the kind of music that is being used and the dance routine of the performers. The tops may be cut in different styles, according to the preference of the group, so that one group is distinguishable from the other.

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