A team of dancers is often referred to as a drill team or a pom squad. These terms are essentially used to define a group of athletes who choose to participate in dance competitions. The routine that a squad follows; constitutes of a number of elements including the technical steps which are incorporated into the dance routine; such as the leaps, turns, jumps, kicks, or tumbling.

Furthermore, a squad usually follows a specific dance style such as lyrical, jazz, hip-hop or any other style of their choosing. Also, a dance routine of a squad may include cheers along with pompoms.

Responsibilities of a Drill Team

The function of a traditional high school dance squad is to represent the high school in various dance competitions, and they are also responsible for promoting the spirit of the school through their dance. Dancing is the kind of sport which is performed all year round, mostly during competitions, and at different sporting events, out of which, the most common are basketball and football matches. Sometimes, according to the policy of the school, certain dance squads also perform at pep rallies.

Uniforms worn by Dance Squads

Drill teams or dance squads require apparel that allows them to move freely and perform the stunts without any hindrance. The most common drill team uniform accessory includes a pair of white boots, which are mostly comes accompanied by a white hat. The officers of the dance team also wear uniforms that are completely white, as opposed to the members, who wear colored drill team uniforms.

In some places, usually in Texas, dance squads are trained in a military like routine. This involves having a specific chain of command for everyone to follow. This chain of command usually has military like titles, such as, lieutenants, leading squads and captains. Tradition has it that drill teams were usually comprised of females; and remains particularly true for Texas. However, now things have changed as males are participating in them as well.

There are a lot of other accessories that can be used to make a drill team uniform more effective. These include masks, dance gloves, below the elbow gauntlets, colored hair extensions, finger gloves, suspenders, wide lace up belts, metallic boot spats to get the attention of the crowd, as well as strands of bright hair, garment dance bags, and a wide variety of scrunchies, etc.

All these accessories play their part in making a drill team outfit more unique so that one squad’s uniform stands out from that of the others. This is an essential requirement in order to develop a unique identity of the team so that it has a more distinct presence in competitions.