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Workplace violence plays a significant part in healthcare facilities. America is currently facing an epidemic in patient assaults against staff in state hospitals that leads to serious concerns. A report by organization IHSSF (International Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation) finds that a staggering 60% of workplace assaults occur in hospitals.

This only seeks to show the gravity of the problems faced by healthcare employers and a rising demand for violence preventative solutions.

We at MABPRO offer MAB® certified courses to train staff and employers in combating patient assaults and how to install preventative measures and procedures at an administrative level.

MABPRO Programs: A Brief Note

Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare employers and provide trainings to staff through various workshops and seminars. Our programs meet the following laws:

  • California AB 508
  • California AB 1083
  • California AB 30
  • California SB 1299

What is MAB?

MAB or Management in Assaultive Behavior or AB-508 is a certification aimed towards the healthcare sector designed to meet the knowledge and training gap in addressing and preventing workplace assaults.

The content of the certification program consists of equipping staff with a framework that allows them to identify the different warning signs of potential assaults and various tactics and de-escalation techniques geared towards mitigating high stress situations.

Courses Available

We offer courses both in standard as well as additional formats.


Employers are recommended to take the standard courses which can be customized to address employer specific concerns and hospital issues surrounding patient behavior health. These courses seek to empower staff in handling high stress situations and how to respond with the appropriate measures.

The programs involve a series of workshops for employees in this case hospital staff to equip them with the relevant framework for understanding and calming patient aggression that could result in work place assaults. This course seeks to maximize learning of handling stress and avoiding risk of assault without the need for physical intervention as part of our intervention free solutions through the use of de-escalation and negotiation techniques. We do provide staff the necessary physical methods of restraining and containing high risk situations including self-evading techniques but stress on using it only as a last resort.

The courses are of two types:

  1. 8 Hour Initial Provider MAB
  2. 4 Hour Re-certification MAB


We offer a wide variety of courses in our additional MAB set from suicide prevention or rape and abduction prevention training. Our specific course on healthcare scenario is the 4 Hour Dealing With Difficult Physicians Within the Healthcare Setting Training course.

In this course, we pay closer attention to managing stress levels of staff as a result of their interactions with doctors. It is not unusual to find workplace conflicts among employees and in this case a conflict arising among a doctor with his or her staff can contribute to a knock-on effect on others.

A disgruntled staff member would most likely show a negative body language to patients and be less mindful and empathizing towards others. This could elevate the triggers responsible for a workplace assault to take place and in this course we make sure that does not happen.

End Note

Our courses can be modified to suit the challenges of different hospitals. We provide assistance in helping employers map out problems contained in their current work environment and offer counseling in implementing the best practices to prevent violence.