Marching bands originated in the military and the police forces, where troupes in these institutions had their specific marching band uniforms that distinguished them from others. Over time, marching bands have evolved greatly and they now serve the purpose of performances which are choreographed to enhance entertainment. The uniforms today are in many ways a tribute to the previous ones; however, there are slight variations so that all bands are able to maintain a unique outlook in order to be distinguished easily.

There are a lot of changes that marching band uniforms have undergone over time. For instance many bands wear tuxedos or matching shirts to distinguish themselves, however, most commonly there are three main components of a marching band uniform. These start with an embroidered uniform jacket and matching pants. Furthermore there has to be a headgear which is usually very detailed and elaborate. Then all band members are required to wear matching gloves, which are mostly white and the boots coordinate with the overall attire in most cases. Also, there is usually a plume to decorate the hat.

There are a number of different styles which you can use for your own band uniform. We offer you a variety of options to choose from. You can have your marching band uniform, similar to that of the military or you can have it in tuxedo style or any other colour or design that you want. We have   a vast variety of different designs when it comes to marching band uniforms . Opt for a unique jacket for your uniform or you can try the elaborate variety of blouses that can be used for an all-female band.

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We offer a large number of band accessories as well, which include buttons, cords, cummerbunds, escorts and other things which will help you in making your band uniform more distinguishable. We also provide shields and capes to cater to your specific requirements.