There is a growing epidemic of state hospital violence in United States that continues to go unaddressed by the government. There is little assistance provided by state officials in protecting the abuse and assaults perpetrated by patients in various hospitals. In a survey conducted by Speroni last year, a staggering 80% of attacks were found to be perpetrated upon nurses in the workplace by patients.

This shocking statistic sends shock waves across US for the lack of resources to provide effective counseling and assistance to state hospitals and for protecting the interests of both patient and employee. The escalating risks to both parties pose a serious threat for the functioning of state hospitals.

MABPRO Counseling and Training Services

MABPRO’s expertise and experience in providing Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) courses and training serve to provide effective ways to prevent workplace violence and assault. Our courses are official MAB® certified courses that cover the California AB 508, AB 1083, AB 30, and AB 1299. Our training services and counseling center on providing state hospitals the following benefits:

  • Identify and mitigate potential workplace conflicts
  • Assist in preventing verbal and physical forms of assault on employees
  • Protect property of state hospitals
  • Minimize employee turnover and labor costs
  • Minimize security costs

Protecting Employees

Our courses center exclusively in training employees to identify and anticipate symptoms of a potential attack. We take employees through a practical and conceptual framework that analyzes the different types of abusive behavior to be mindful of and how to use self-defense techniques both physical and non-physical to curb the threats of a violent attack.

Our seminars are designed to provide effective advice and counseling relevant to the challenges faced by your organization. We undertake in-depth group discussions to facilitate the best courses of action geared towards ensuring employee safety and workplace productivity.

Empathizing With Patients

We offer a unique set of skills geared towards containing and preventing heated situations with patients. We ensure that patients also get their share of protection by preventing the risk of them harming themselves and others in the workplace through a process aimed at ‘De-escalation’.

Our training focuses on equipping employees to treat patients with the utmost respect and compassion as a mechanism to understand their pain and issues that has the capacity to affect patients in a significantly positive way.

Employees are assisted in keeping a close watch at the warning signs and triggers that could escalate into an assault such as shouting, cursing, verbal threats and pulling and throwing nearby objects.

Fostering A Stress-Free Work Culture

Our counseling and training services are aimed at identifying elements in the workplace that contribute to stress among patients and therefore violent attacks. We pay close attention to the workplace environment and assess how it is conducive to stress

For example, are the lights working properly and not too disturbing on the eyes of patients? Are the air conditioning and ventilation in proper use and maintain healthy atmosphere? Are there any administrative barriers erected that inhibit stress and risk of violence among patients?

These areas are thoroughly evaluated to ensure a stress-free work culture.

Bottom Line

The current scenario of state hospitals paints a dreadful outlook on employee-patient relationships which impede adequate healthcare. We strive to maintain and live up to standards aimed towards improving the situation at hospital through our diverse range of courses.