Our soft locks are the bane of our existence when it comes to the arrival of a new season. Come winter, our hair frizzles and clings to anything remotely static and becomes hard to control. With summer, we say goodbye to the cold nights, but as soon as the sun reaches its peak, our hair falls flats, refusing to stay in shape. The seasons can thus; play havoc on our hair and most of the times, no amount of expensive products can repair them the way we want to.

We all suffer from the time when we’re at home and are having the best hair day ever, but one step outside the door, and our hair makes people scream in fright. This is because the products we use might be alright for our home atmosphere where everything feels comfortable and the humidity is perfect, but the heat or cold outside creates a very inhospitable environment that our hair isn’t accustomed to.

So how can we make sure that our hair doesn’t let us down on the days when we need its support the most?


Summer means sun, sand and surf. Summer is a time for a hot and steamy romance and eating ice creams while going on a long drive, but we can’t have all that when our hair makes us want to hide our heads in embarrassment. The reason why most people have terrible hair in the summer is because we don’t give them enough nutrition.

Hair growth oil made from natural ingredients gives you the right amount of nutrients to bring your hair back to life. Oils, such as coconut oil are always a favorite among those who want to enjoy having a beautiful long mane, so whenever you feel like your hair is falling; rub some oil in it and wash using a gentle shampoo. You’ll notice a stark difference.


Winter is the time for cozy nights, snuggled up near the fireplace, but one thing we don’t count on, is the humidity, which becomes non-existent. Because we don’t feel thirsty, we deprive our hair from the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Along with drinking plenty of water, apply a combination of a good shampoo and conditioner to give your hair proper moisture and nutrients.


Trees aren’t the only beings that shred their leaves in the autumn. Hair fall is a major problem in autumn because of excessive dryness in the atmosphere; it can cause your scalp to become dry as well, which can give you weakened roots. Oils, such as hair growth oils; are packed with the right ingredients and using the right products keeps your scalp well-fed and well-moisturized.


Spring is a wonderful time for all. Winter has just ended, summer is yet to begin, and the world is all sunshine and butterflies. Springtime gives you the chance to enjoy great curls too, which will actually stay the way you want them to. Using a good serum or applying proper hair treatment will ensure proper hair growth as well as a glossy mane.

Hair care in every season can be tricky, but by taking care of your diet and using good products, you can make your hair beautiful and manageable in every season. For the best in natural hair care products, browse through our products now.