Window shutters come in a variety of styles and materials, the best part being that you can order custom shutters for better suitability and home appeal as well. That means, among other things, you need to choose a color for the shutters, which like all other color choices can be a challenge. Some people procrastinate about the color until they finally settle on one. It’s not easy. Should you go bold? Should you keep it light? The same shade as the exterior or a contrast? These are just a few thoughts that cross the mind of every homeowner who goes shutter shopping.

Here are a few tips to help you decide the right shutter colors that help make a statement:

Traditional or Contemporary

When deciding on a color for the shutters, consider the look of your house. Is it more traditional or contemporary? Traditional colors like the classic white, black, or even grey, complement traditionally styled homes well. On the other hand, if the exterior styling of your home is more modern, you can consider going bold with shades such as vibrant blue or bright red. A pop of color on the shutters sure helps uplift the exterior look of the house.

What Color Is The Home’s Exterior?

Along with the style of your home, when choosing the right shade of color, consider the paint on the exterior walls. Your color choice for shutters should complement it or blend in rather than stand out oddly. Also, take the variations in color of the home’s exterior in different light conditions into account when settling for a color for your shutters. Light contrasts typically work well, helping the windows look prominent and stand out, elevating the curb appeal of your home.

What Color Is Your Window Trim

Window trims and shutters bump against each other, so it’s important to consider the color of your trims as well. Many homeowners choose to paint the trims and shutter the same color, making the window look like a single piece. However, you can also choose a different color that complements the window trim color to help the shutters appear distinct. If your window trim is white it will generally not be a factor when choosing the color of your shutters.

A Quick Word of Advice

After you have taken these considerations into account, you should be able to land on a few reasonable top choices. However, the final choice of color can still be difficult. We recommend that you head to your nearest paint store and select paint chips matching your top choices. Put them against the photos of your home to decide what looks best.

You can also tour your neighborhood for some color inspiration. Looking at other people’s shutter colors will give you an idea about which colors stand out well and which don’t. It should be enough to help you make your choice. You can always contact us at our toll free number (1-800-734-8368) and we can help you make your shutter choices as well as deliver high quality shutters of your choice right to your doorstep.