Are you in the market for custom shutters and you are confused about how to measure? Shutter buying is far from rocket science, but getting the correct measurements or shape often leaves homeowners in stress. Some end up making the mistake of ordering the wrong size or incorrect shape to fit their windows, and that in most cases, is only because of lack of research and forethought.

The Origin of Shutters

Shutters have remained an exterior decoration to enhance curb appeal for decades. As decorative shutters help to boost a home’s perceived value, it is no surprise that they have been around for quite some time. Earlier, shutters were used to cover wall openings of any kind, thus protecting the interior from harsh weather, intruders, or animals. This is the time when windows weren’t yet invented. After glass windows, the use of shutters changed to protect the fragile glass, and today, they are used more as a decorative feature than a protective one.

However, due to the fact that there are no standard sizes for window openings it can be challenging to get the sizing right when ordering custom shutters.

Ordering the Wrong Shutter Size

Some homeowners make the mistake of ordering the wrong shutter size, which makes them a less-than ideal fit for the window. Shutters that end up being longer or shorter than the windows don’t look very appealing. The best fit is to the exact size of the window, and the width of a shutter should be half the size of the inside casing of the window. Remember that getting the shutter size right could make the difference between an addition that adds value to your home or one that subtracts value.

Ordering the Wrong Shape

Ordering shutters in haste can lead to you overlooking the simple fact that the shutter shape should match the window shape. Although quite obvious, it is worth mentioning to help you avoid this mistake since a lot of people still do. Rectangular shaped shutters aren’t usually the best fit for arched windows for example, but you may have seen this happen from time to time if you have ever observed window shutters. Before ordering, make sure you double check your window shape and check for the corresponding shape of shutters before ordering.

Installing Them Incorrectly

Fortunately, installing decorative shutters is really easy, so most people manage to install them correctly. However, one common mistake is to neglect to leave a 1/4” gap between the window frame and the shutter, which doesn’t allow the shutter to expand and contract with changing weather conditions. Another common mistake is to attach the shutter to the surface using wood blocks, which if left untreated will rot away rather quickly.

You can avoid making these mistakes by browsing through our installation and measurement guide on our website or call us on our toll free number (1-800-734-8368) for guidance and advice. We make our best effort to ensure our customers order and install their shutters correctly.