Every homeowner who wants to improve the aesthetics of their home and raise home value knows the importance of exterior maintenance and upgrades. An inexpensive and trending way to raise the curb appeal of your property is by installing exterior shutters. However, after you are done deciding the shape, color, style and material for your shutters, do you spend some time considering the kind of hardware to purchase for it? Most homeowners ignore the importance of the right kind of hardware that should accompany the shutters.

Why Exterior Shutter Hardware Matters?

As vast as the variety is in shutters, hardware variety is no different; the kind of hardware you choose should also complement your home style among other things. For example, if you are ordering board and batten shutters, hinge straps would be your best option to complement them, although they do look fine with other kinds of shutters too. Hence, when buying hardware, make sure it looks good with the kind of shutters you are ordering.

Here are some suggestions to make your hardware shopping for shutters easier and appropriate:

Consider the Climate

The type of climate can cause your shutter hardware to erode or damage before time. You don’t want to invest your money only to find out that the hinge straps need replacing after a month. If you live near the ocean, consider buying stainless steel or aluminum hardware that doesn’t get easily affected by the salt in the air. For other types of weather, you can still opt for a powder coating that helps protect hardware from rust.

Choose sturdy hardware, always

You must absolutely not rely on low quality or less sturdy hardware of any kind. Make sure any hardware you purchase and install is study enough to withstand and support the weight of shutters, in order to avoid any unpleasant accident or injury. If the shutters you have installed are long and you think a single hinge strap won’t be enough to hold them, don’t mind adding an extra one. Pintles are another vital piece of hardware for your shutters, helping to hold them together. Always make sure you choose quality hardware.

Consider Shutter Hardware to be an Investment

The hardware variety for shutters does not just end at the kinds of hinges available to hold shutters to the exterior wall. There is a variety of other things as well which help the shutters behave such as shutter dogs (also known as holdbacks) which keep the shutters in the open position, slide bolts to keep them firmly and securely closed or keep them protected from snow or rain with shutter top caps. Don’t think of these additions as a waste of money, rather an investment which will keep help protect your beautiful shutters as well as your home and keep them from getting unnecessarily damaged.

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