You’ve made the decision of installing shutters? Well, congratulations! You know it’s for the best. Shutters will help with enhancing the exterior styling of your home. However, once you get down to the task of finding the best window shutters for your home, you will realize that there are a wide variety of choices to make. One of those choices is to choose the shutter material most suitable to your house and the area you live in. Let’s talk about two of the most preferred shutter material choices:

Wood Shutters

The classic choice of shutters is in wood that most people prefer. Wood gives the home a classic, traditional feel and generates a feeling of completeness. These kind of shutters are available for any window size and you can also custom order different styles according to your preference. You can paint the wood any color you like as well. However, wood may need to be taken extra care of and may wither in extreme temperatures. Chipping is also likely and the shutters might thus need to be repainted frequently. But if a little hands-on maintenance works for you well, you should opt for wood. Of course, increase the longevity of wood shutters by installing metal top caps to ensure moisture doesn’t seep into the end grain of the wood.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters offer a great alternative to wood boasting many benefits. For starters, you will find that vinyl shutters cost less than their classic counterparts and don’t peel, fade, crack or deteriorate like wood does with time. Vinyl shutters are thus more maintainable, and along with looking good on the outside, can also be used inside the house near sinks, swimming pools and showers- all the places where you know wood wouldn’t last very long. Vinyl shutters are also by far easier to install because they are lightweight and non-functional. You simply need to attach them to the exterior wall and the installation is complete.

The Choice Is Yours

Where one shutter material helps give your home an elegant look, the other is easier to maintain and longer lasting. In the end, the choice to install either is yours, depending on what aspects you prioritize. When choosing between wood and vinyl shutters, consider the climate of your residence area and your home style. Wood suits traditional homes more while vinyl shutters are best for a more modern looking home. That is one way to make the choice if everything else things fail to point you in the right direction.

Remember that purchasing shutters, no matter how menial or easy a task it might seem, entails a lot of planning. You don’t want to waste your money by installing the wrong kind of shutters that can’t withstand the weather. Choose the shutter material, style, color as well as any accompanying hardware carefully in order to spend your bucks wisely and invest in good home infrastructure that pays off later. You know, a better looking home fetches a better price.

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