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How to Best Arrange and Organize Your Home Entertainment Center — May 1, 2015

How to Best Arrange and Organize Your Home Entertainment Center

Having a personalized home theater system is nothing less than a dream-come-true. Many people save their money and even put in overtime at their jobs to gather enough funds to afford a home theater. However, purchasing the system is not the only challenge; arranging it in a presentable yet stylish manner is crucial too.

In actuality, it doesn’t matter whether you have a brand new entertainment center or an old one that got handed down to you. If you have arranged and placed all the equipment and furniture in a tidy manner then it is going to appear elegant and impressive. In order to help you attain such a well maintained entertainment system, in this article, we are going to present you with some quick tips to rearrange it properly and enhance your entertainment experience.

·        Step 1: Disconnecting and Organizing

If you are resetting your old entertainment center, the first thing you need to do is disconnect all the wires and devices and spread them separately on the floor. There are chances that the cables might be dusty; better spread a newspaper or a piece of cloth to keep the floor clean.

Now, using a clean cloth, wipe away the dust from all the devices and cables. You can use a slightly damp cloth to do so, avoid contact with the live wired region of the cables though.

·        Step 2: Considering the Viewing pace

The most annoying thing about improperly arranged entertainment centers is not being able to view the screen properly or having to turn your head for a better view. Thus, the next important thing to determine is a suitable place where the screen can be placed for optimal viewing. Usually, the home theater system is placed in the middle of the front wall, with rest of the furniture surrounding it. This arrangement enables everyone to enjoy a movie with bothering their necks.

·        Step 3: Selecting a Well Defined Listening Region

The home theater experience is void without thrilling and engaging sound effects. Thus, determine the right place in the room to set up your speakers. Make sure that sound would be distributed evenly throughout the room from that particular position. If you have more than two speakers, it is preferable to place them in opposing corners of the room.

·        Step 4: Shortening and Wrapping Cables

Once all the positions have been decided, it’s the time to wrap up all the cables and devices for the placement phase. Cables usually get tangled up together, making cleaning difficult. In order to avoid the mess, it is better tie them with a ribbon, keeping them organized. By doing so, they can easily be managed and hidden away.

·        Step 5: Resetting the Devices

After the cleaning and wrapping of cables, it’s the time to connect the devices again and place them back in their pre-decided positions. Once done, go ahead and plug in the main switch to check whether everything is working properly or not.

If you don’t have an entertainment center of your own and are thinking to buy one, then Home Cinema Center is the ideal destination for you for that very purpose.

How to Clean Leather Recliners and Sectionals in 5 Simple Steps —

How to Clean Leather Recliners and Sectionals in 5 Simple Steps

In our previous blogs, we have discussed how to purchase furniture and how to decorate your home interiors in considerable detail. You have provided you precise tips as well as comprehensive guides regarding effective furniture purchasing and arranging techniques. Today however, we’ll be taking it a step ahead, talking about ways to maintain them.

Whether its leather furniture or fabric, it will eventually start to wear out. Particularly the sofas of the living room set tend to lose their aesthetic value at a faster rate as compared to other pieces of furniture at home. In order to keep their appearance newer and sparkling, they need to be cleaned and maintained promptly.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 simple steps to clean the leather recliners and sectionals of your living room set. Read on to discover the easy techniques that can make your old furniture appear new.

·        Step 1: Dusting the Sofa

Thorough dusting is the first step of the cleaning process. Using a vacuum clean or otherwise, remove all types of dirt from your couch and wipe away the surface with a clean cloth. Don’t overlook the narrow spaces between the seats, where debris usually gets trapped. However, cleaning doesn’t mean to leave marks and scratches on your expensive sofa. Be gentle and careful to avoid causing any damage to the furniture.

·        Step 2: Removing Lighter Stains

If living room is the place where you usually have your family dinner, there must be food strains on your sofas. These are mild stains that can easily be removed with a damp cloth, dipped in a soapy solution. Rub the cloth over the marks and then using a dry cloth remove the soap.

·        Step 3: Cleaning with Leather Cleaner

For the areas covered with stubborn and greasy stains, use a high-grade leather cleaner that cleans such marks without affecting the texture of the leather. It is preferable to use wax cleaners rather than oil-based ones- they may adversely affect the ‘breathing’ of the leather.

·        Step 4: Using a Damp Cloth

Whenever using a chemical on a leather recliner or sectional, always use a damp cloth to apply it onto the furniture. Dip the damped cloth in the chemical, and clean a small, not-very-visible section of the sofa to ensure that the product is causing no harm. If it doesn’t, proceed to gently clean the entire seat.

·        Step 5: Conditioning the furniture

Once the seat has been cleaned and dried completely, it’s time to apply some preservative to save it from future stains. Again, it is recommended to use a wax based conditioner that guarantees better results as compared to other products. Apply it gently all over the sofa and buff it with a clean cloth.

There you go! Your shiny leather sofa is sparkling again.

If you want to know more of such techniques or want to buy fresh pieces of recliners and sectionals, visit Home Cinema Center.

Selecting Recliners for Home Theater Seating —

Selecting Recliners for Home Theater Seating

One of the many exclusive perks of having a personalized movie theater system at home is that you can enjoy a laidback cinematic experience, sunk deep within the embrace of your cozy chair. It hasn’t been long since recliners hit the scene, , but these comfortable chairs have already become synonymous with the ultimate relaxation. Especially when it comes to home theater seating comes up, many people prefer recliners over any other type of chair.

However, selecting perfect recliners for home theater seating is not as easy as it appears. There are several different designs and sizes available in the market to select from. Thus, before you go to the shop, you must know about the many types available so that you can choose one that best fits your requirements and tastes. In order to help you, we have discussed the basic characteristics about various kinds of recliners. Read on to learn more.

·        Two-Position Recliner

If you have limited funds to spend on your theater seating then a two-position recliner can be an affordable option for you. As its name implies, it basically provides two positions: fully inclined or upright. Using a lever, you can release the footrest, and recline all the way back. While being relatively affordable, it does have its fair share of drawbacks, with limited styles and only partially covered with leather. Furthermore, it also occupies quite a lot of space when fully reclined an issue for those with a smaller room.

·        Push-Back Recliner

Unlike the two-position recliner, the push-back doesn’t have built-in footrests. This means that in order to recline, you just need to push yourself back into the chair. These seats are fully covered with leather and are quite luxurious to sink in and enjoy the perfect cinematic experience. Their sleek and modern design and not-too-high price are counted as additional factors that contribute to their popularity.

·        The Rocker Recliner

The next type of recliner in the list is rockers. These are the most appreciated recliners so far. Rockers provide more reclining angles to enjoy a movie, while occupying limited space. They can even be placed closer to the wall if you don’t have much space in the room. Not only this, they are also more affordable as compared to push-back recliners, yet providing a similar level of comfort.

·        The Riser Recliner

Willing to splurge big and get the very best seating for your home theater? You can’t go wrong with the riser recliner! These are the most expensive type among all and are electric-operated. The motor fitted in the chair raises and reclines the seat at different angles, eliminating any effort on your part. This seat

Exclusive Theater Room Furniture from Home Cinema Center —

Exclusive Theater Room Furniture from Home Cinema Center

What else could be better than enjoying a laidback cinematic experience with your personalized movie theater system? You can sink deep within your cozy seat to enjoy some time for yourself, utterly relaxed. However, in order to enjoy this supreme level of comfort, along with the home theater, you need a soft and warm recliner to complete the experience.

When it comes to purchasing the perfect recliner for your home theater seating, trust us, is not as easy as it may appear. There are several different designs and sizes available in the market to select from, which leaves the customers confused as to what they should choose. Therefore, prior to visiting the shop, you must know about the many types available so that you can choose one that best fits your requirements, style, and tastes.

Home cinema Center is a popular name that has been providing high-quality and extremely comfortable furniture sets to its customers for a number of years. In order to make the purchase of recliners easier for you, we have discussed the basic characteristics about the various kinds of recliners that are available on the store. Read on!

·        Black Leather Chaise Recliner

As one of the most appreciated home theater seating, the black leather chase recliner is known for taking your cinematic experience to a whole new level. These seats are available in manual as well as electric power-recline, and are covered with gorgeous black Valentino leather upholstery. With multiple seating options, it further has a functional cup holder, 8 gauge sinuous springs, soft pillow top cushions, and more.

·        Red Leather Chaise Recliner

The features of the red leather chaise recliner are similar to those of the black one, except the color and the material of the leather. These seats are made up of red Valentino Bonded leather touch, which is sleek, shiny, and captivating.

A number of such recliners can be combined together to create a multiple seating layout of your own choice. Also, a wedge table can be added in the middle to the chairs to place your stuff on it.

·        Red Leather Chairs by Catnapper

The next one is the red leather chairs by Catnapper. It is an exclusive set of two seats, covered with Valentino Bonded Leather touch. These comforting chairs have a sturdy steel seat box frame, which ensures their durability and save them from external damage. Just like the previous two seats, this set is also available in manual and electric-operated one.

Purchasing such supreme quality recliners does justice to your time and money. If you want to know more about different recliners or other furniture sets available on Home Cinema Center, visit the website today.

3 Exclusively Designed Home Office Furniture Sets from Home Cinema Center —

3 Exclusively Designed Home Office Furniture Sets from Home Cinema Center

Starting a new business but don’t have sufficient funds to set up a proper office? That doesn’t mean you cannot proceed with your worthwhile business idea. With around 4.34 million people working from home in the United State alone, home offices have become quite popular in the past few years.

Home-based offices not only help entrepreneurs reduce the overall operation cost of the business, but also allow them to spend more quality time with their families. However, having a home-based office doesn’t have to reflect lack of professionalism and civility in your working style. Rather, it needs to be even more convincing, that despite working from home you are not leaving a single stone unturned to fulfill the target.

In order to boost your company’s bottom-line and attract more potential clients, it is essential to impress your customers with determination and consistency. How do you do that though? Simple; you project your serious attitude towards business matters through the appearance of your office. Home office furniture sets can be of substantial help to fulfill this mission.

So if you are searching for elegant as well as affordable home office furniture, look no further- Home Cinema Center is the hub for supreme-quality, finely designed, and competitively-priced furniture pieces. In this article, we are going to look at three exclusive home office sets that will glorify your room and elevate your productivity, all without burning a hole in your pocket.

·        Nicolas 3 Piece Traditional Set

The furniture under Nicolas executive home office sets includes three two-tone finished pieces with detailed carvings. Primarily, it comprises of an oval shaped, 7 drawer desk, a three drawer file cabinet, and a bookshelf with six adjustable and two fixed shelves. However, you can order an additional single bookshelf as well.

·        Huntington 4 Piece Executive Set

The second in the list of exclusive home office furniture is the Huntington 4-piece set, which is more likely to have an English Traditional Style. It has been manufactured using sturdy chestnut wood, which has double shading on its surface, making the furniture look classy yet decent. The set includes a double pedestal executive desk with several drawers and shelves, a 32” open to book case, and two 32” glass door bookcases.

If you have a corporate-type business where you have lots of files and books for recordkeeping and reference, this is the most appropriate set to keep everything well organized in the office.

·        Huntington 5 Piece Corner Peninsula Desk Wall Unit

The last one on the list is the peninsula unit that comprises of 5 basic pieces- 2 peninsula desks, a 32” open top bookcase, and an outside corner bookcase. With accent shadings, magnificent diamond pattern, multi-step chestnut finish, and unique contemporary design, these pieces of furniture are going to transform the look of your office completely and are also going to affect your productivity positively.

If you are interested in other such finely designed sets, check out our collection at Home Office Furniture – Home Cinema Center .

Choosing the Best Home Theatre Seating For an Exclusive Cinematic Experience —

Choosing the Best Home Theatre Seating For an Exclusive Cinematic Experience

Watching a much-awaited movie in the cinema with your family or friends signifies that you are having an amazing weekend. However, the experience could have been better if you could have enjoyed the movie at your home theater, saving you the hassle of waiting in queues for tickets and pop corns while allowing you to enjoy the cinematic experience in all its glory right within the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to having a personalized home theater system, many people say that it usually lacks the exclusive cinematic effect. This happens because most people spend all their time and money choosing a screen, amplifier, DVD player, and other related equipments. One important thing they usually over look is seating. The experience is incomplete without the right seating.

The size, design, fabric, color, etc of the home theater seating play a significant role in determining the quality of experience you end up with. However, people usually don’t know how to choose the perfect theater seats and end up at buying inappropriate chairs that ruin the experience for them. In order to help you with home movie theater seating, here, we present you a comprehensive guide on how to go on about buying the best seating for your home theater.

·        Check out the size of the room

The first thing to determine prior to buying home theater seating is the size of your room. Measuring the dimensions of the room makes it easier to decide what type and size of the chairs you should opt for. Purchasing bigger seats than required brings two major disadvantages. Firstly, it becomes difficult to accommodate them with a fine setting, and secondly, bigger seats absorb too much sound, which disturbs the sound effects of the movie.

·        Consider the size of the screen

One major reason that movies at cinemas appear more thrilling and satisfying is the fact that the cinema people select and design everything as per the size of the screen. Knowing the screen size helps in identifying the possible angles and arrangements for optimal viewing, that is, not too close or too far- as Goldilocks would say it: ‘just right’.

·        Choose a suitable design

Once the size of the room and screen has been measured, the next thing that comes is the type of the seating you want for your home theater. Sofas, chairs, couches, recliners, or something else – there are several options to select from. Regardless of the type you end up going for, keep in mind the level of comfort it offers. You would never want to keep changing seating angles throughout the movie to get comfortable, especially during the climax.

·        Don’t forget the Theme of the Room

How well the seats compliment the theme of the room is just as crucial as any other aspect of the home theater seating. Therefore, choose the color and material of the chairs wisely. They should match to the pattern and color of your room walls and should look captivating.

Home Cinema Center is a reliable name in the market with a wide range of home theater seating sets. For a more detailed look at seating set choices and its prices, please visit