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Twin Bedroom Sets: Everything You Need to Know — May 1, 2015

Twin Bedroom Sets: Everything You Need to Know

Since you buy groceries almost every week, you know exactly the names and the required quantity of all the important good used in your homes. However, when it comes to purchasing furniture, you do it once or twice every few years at the most, and you might therefore not know the various intricacies involved. Should you opt for a full bedroom set, a king bedroom set, a twin bed, or a queen sized one?

Although it s not your job to keep all these details in your mind; but if you go to a furniture store without having ample knowledge about the different types of furniture, you are likely to end up buying pieces that are either not worth your money or are not the right fit for your room. Thus, in order to explain to you the basic details of various types of furniture, in this article, we will about pick a particular set of furniture and examine its characteristics and the nuances associated with it.

The furniture set that we are discussing today is twin bedroom sets and its various types.

What is a Twin Bedroom Set?

A twin bedroom set is also referred to as children’s room or guests’ room furniture set. The set usually comprises of two single beds, a dressing table, a mirror, a nightstand, and a chest. In homes with more than one kid, children usually share rooms; this set comes as quite helpful to provide them with separate beds, which they can decorate as per their own tastes. This saves parents from enduring and suppressing the many quarrels of their kids.

When it comes to the size, twin sets have the smallest beds amongst all the sets. They are narrow-sided beds that can fit easily even into a smaller sized bedroom. However, if the space is not enough to accommodate the two beds separately, the twin beds can be placed one over the other to transform them into a giant bunk bed as well.

The overall dimensions of a standard twin bed are 75 x 39 inches, which is suitable for kids. However, for an adult guest, the bed might not be very comfortable.

Twin beds are available in several designs or types. The most common amongst them are metal framed beds, wooden framed beds, divan beds, and adjustable framed beds. Each of them is different from the other by virtue of the material used in their manufacturing and the storage space available inside them.

If your children are sharing a room and are demanding separate beds, you can definitely opt for a twin bedroom set to fulfill their needs.

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5 Things You Need to Consider When Buying Bedroom Sets —

5 Things You Need to Consider When Buying Bedroom Sets

What does your bedroom mean to you? Is it the place you visit to sleep only? Certainly not! Bedrooms are your private and intimate space in the home where you spend some quality time talking to yourself, reading the most fascinating magazine, dancing on your favorite song, and even crying when you are at your most vulnerable. Because your bedroom serves you in so many comforting and relaxing ways, furnishing it with luxurious, cozy, and spectacular pieces of furniture becomes a compulsion.

There is no doubt that every individual wants and even makes substantial efforts to decorate and furnish their bedrooms with supreme quality and stylish furniture. However, at times, they emphasize on the appearance of the furniture only and overlook other important factors that contribute equally in increasing the aesthetic appeal of the room.

In order to help you steer clear of buying bedroom sets that provide you with neither the desired comfort nor give your room a classy look, in this article, we are going to discuss about the 5 essentials that one must consider before purchasing furniture for his/her bedroom.

1.     The Size of the Bedroom

Whether you are buying furniture for your bedroom, living room, or any other room of the house, measuring the space available is the primary and the most important step of the purchasing process. When going over to the furniture store, many people believe that they already have a precise idea about the dimensions of their room and the type of furniture that would fit in it. However, having a vague idea and knowing precise dimensions are two separate things. At times, these people end up buying bedrooms sets that are either too large or too small for the room.

2.     To Whom Does the Bedroom Belong?

The bedroom sets for children’s room are definitely going to have different designs and styles than those meant for to adults’ room. Depending on the age of the resident, there are different sets available in the market. Therefore, buying a nice-looking bedroom set, without considering the age or preferences of the dweller, can be a bad decision, especially for kids, who would never agree to have a sophisticated, old fashioned bed in their rooms.

3.     The Design of the Bedroom

The next thing to keep in mind is the design of the room. It is crucial to ensure that the size and design of the bedroom set is in harmony with the architecture of the room. For example, if your room has a low roof, opting for a bunk bed might not be the best idea.

4.     Additional Storage Requirements

Many beds are multifunctional, which means along with being a bed, they also serve as storage centers to stock your blankets, bags, books, clothes, etc. If want such a bed, then make sure that it has enough drawers and cabinets to serve your storage needs.

5.     The Price of the Bedroom Set

Last but not the least comes your price range. You should know your budget before visiting a furniture store so that you buy good-quality yet reasonable priced furniture.

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Queen Bedroom Sets: Everything You Need to Know —

Queen Bedroom Sets: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to the purchase of bedroom sets, there is no single standard size or design to symbolize the ultimate comfort and the fanciest design. There are several sizes available in the market ranging from single, twin, queen, to the king and California king sizes. However, amongst all these different types of bed sets, the most appreciated and relatively affordable one is the queen bedroom set.

Prior to purchasing a queen bedroom set, it is essential for customers to know about the design and material of different types of queen sets available in the market. In order to make you aware of all the subsequent information regarding queen bedroom set, here, we present you a comprehensive customers’ guide.

·        Pieces in a Queen Bedroom Set

Queen bedroom sets are widely touted as the most economical yet sleek and classy furniture in this particular segment. Primarily, the set comprises of three entities- an optimal sized cozy bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. However, some sets have some additional elements too, which include a mirror or an armoire, a second nightstand, a complementary set of drawers, etc.

It is up to you to buy a regular three-piece set or a luxurious five-piece one, considering the available space and the need for additional storage areas.

·        Material Used in a Queen Bedroom Set

The material of construction for a bedroom set depends on its design and quality, but for the most part, queen beds and their relative components are made up of high-grade wood such as walnut, birch, oak, etc. And, almost every single bedroom set is finished with a final touch of stain.

·        Elegant vs. Fancy Designs for a Queen Bedroom Set

The next important factor that needs to be considered is the design style of the bedroom set. Before visiting the furniture store, customers should have a clear idea of what they want- a sophisticated, elegant set, or a modern, funky one? The choice depends largely on the age and interest of those for whom the set is being bought.

There are two popular types of shapes available for queen sized beds. The first has smooth and straight lines, while the second incorporates interacted curves. The buyer has to select interiors according to the architecture of the room and the respective color(s) of the walls.

·        Types of Queen Beds

Inclusion or exclusion of headboards and/or footboard to a bed makes it different from the rest. Although the addition of footboard serves aesthetic purposes only, headboards on the other hand, are sometimes deigned in a manner to serve as storage shelves too. Furthermore, another feature that results in different types of queen beds is the presence of a canopy. Many sets have this unique design, with each wooden corner of the bed extended high above the mattress to serve as a canopy.

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Bedroom Sets- Know the Types Before You Make the Choice! —

Bedroom Sets- Know the Types Before You Make the Choice!

Buying new furniture is the most efficient as well as stylish way to refurbish and glamorize the overall look of your house. However, in order to purchase furniture with good aesthetic appeal, fine quality, and affordable price, you first need to know about the different types of designs available for each set in the market.

In our previous articles, we have been talking about basic purchasing tips that can help people buy suitable furniture for their homes. However, in this article, instead of elaborating those techniques, we are going to discuss about some basic information regarding the furniture for bedrooms instead.

When you visit a store a to buy bedroom sets, the first question that the salesperson will likely ask you is the type of a bedroom set you are looking for. Therefore, in order to buy a suitable design, it is essential to know about the basic types of bedroom sets.

·         Full Bedroom Sets

A full bedroom set is one that comprises of five exclusive elements. These generally include a cozy bed with headstand and footrest, a dressing table with a mirror, a nightstand, and a chest. All these components have a similar design and color to complement each other and the overall aesthetics of the room. The most prevalent color for full bedroom sets is black and darker shades of brown that look elegant and add to the sublime ambiance of the room.

·         Twin Bedroom Sets

The twin sets are one of the highly appreciated furniture sets for bedrooms. Usually, they are available in 5-piece sets that include similar pieces of that of full bedroom sets. However, there is also a larger twin bedroom set, which has two additional pieces. These complementary items are a second nightstand and an extra drawer for storage purposes.

Since most of the twin bedroom sets signify antique and unique traditional designs, the hardwood pieces of the furniture usually have well defined curves and shiny polishing.

·         King Bedroom Sets

Next up is the king bedroom set. These sets usually have 5 pieces, which includes a giant bed with an impressive headstand, a dresser, a mirror, a chest, and a nightstand. As the name implies, all the elements of the king set are huge, extremely comfortable, and fully reliable.

·         Queen Bedroom Sets

Last but not the least is the queen bedroom set. The major reason of the popularity of queen sets lies in their relatively economical price. This means that within a competitive price range, customers can have a spectacularly designed bed, along with 4 other complementary pieces of furniture. Just like other bedroom sets, the beds of the queen set are also distributed into two major categories: headboard-included and headboard-excluded sets.

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Choosing the Best Living Room Set to Decorate a Spectacular Room —

Choosing the Best Living Room Set to Decorate a Spectacular Room

Whether you live in an apartment or a huge mansion, your living room will always be the center of attention. It is regarded as the family room or bounding room of the home, where the entire family spends some quality time together, discussing their day, watching a movie, and making future plans.

Considering the significance of living room at home, interior designers usually pay special attention to the color, style, and design of its furniture and décor. They so do to ensure that the overall décor of the room complements everything associated with the room- the time spent there.

Furniture is certainly the most important part of your home interior. Regardless of the type of room, furniture always plays a significant role in maintaining a warm ambiance and elegant appearance of the place. However, choosing sofa sets that are aesthetically pleasing alone is not enough. Rather, they should also provide you with maximum comfort and supreme relaxation.

Generally, a complete living room set includes couches, loveseats, recliners, tables, and more. In order to help you select the best and make the most out of your money, here we provide you with the details about different types of living room sets. Knowing about their characteristics is extremely important to be able to make the right purchase.

·         Couches

Couches are the largest type of furniture bought for a living room. A couch can either be for two seating or more, depending on its size and design. Primarily, it is used for seating; however, modern couches are used for napping and reclining too.

Since a couch is used almost every day for family gatherings, regular hangouts, and the like, it is critical to buy a comfortable and durable piece of furniture that lasts and is worth your money.

·         Loveseats

Loveseats can be described as the smaller brethren of couches that can provide seating for two people at a time. Most of the living room sets do have a stylish loveseat with the couch to add more variety to the room.

·         Tables and Lamps

Tables and lamps are counted as additional accessories that not only present food to your guests, but also uplift the entire look of the room. Whether you are fond of contemporary designs or bronze colored antiques, it is quite essential to balance out your room with both of them. If you have some fancy colored, leather seats, get some contrasting colored coffee or ottoman tables in the room to balance and further enhance the appeal of the room. Furthermore, you can also add elegance-oozing decorative pieces such a candle stands or flower vases to these tables.

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4 Decorating Ideas for Kid’s Room —

4 Decorating Ideas for Kid’s Room

Designing and decorating a kid’s room is challenging to say the least. Unlike adults, children don’t look for elegant and finely polished furniture or soberly colored curtains. Rather, they want their room to look like a doll house – full of vibrant colors and fancy designs.

For an interior designer, it is quite convenient to match and mix different colors without going overboard or exaggerating the overall look of the room. However, what if you want to do your kids room yourself? Is there a way to master the basic kids’ room decorating techniques? Well, yes! Here, we bring to you some simple yet effective tips that will enable you to create a fascinating and visually balanced atmosphere in your kids’ room.

1.     Painting the Walls

Starting with the wall is certainly the best way to begin the process. The paint on the walls is the base of the room, and the rest of the settings, which includes furniture and lighting, depend on the shade of color of the walls. Painting all the walls with either exotic or pale colors is not a good idea- it might give a monotonous look to the room. A more preferable way is to opt for a spectacular fusion of gentle and vibrant shades.

However, the most important consideration here is the child’s preferences. Ask them about the colors they would want in their room; they might not like your choice of color.

2.     Children Bed Sets

For a bedroom, whether it belongs to a child or an adult, the center of attention is always the bed. Usually, children would want a bed with a unique shape or design instead of the tried and true typical rectangular one. If your child also wants such a bed, opt for a bedroom set that has a unique bed in terms of design.

If you have two or more kids sharing the room, a twin bedroom set is going to be ideal for you. These sets come with two separate beds, which can even be placed one over the other to make a bunk bed.

3.     Furniture for Storage

Most of the bedroom sets come with storage furniture such as bookshelves or armories to store kids’ toys, books, clothes, and other things. It is preferred to buy storage furniture of moderate height so that it is in easy reach for the kids.

When purchasing bedroom sets, keep their colors in mind. The colors should not contradict or undervalue the colors of the walls.

4.     Adding Finishing Touch

There are several ways to add a creative finishing touch to your kids’ room. Adding colorful rugs, hanging toys from the ceiling, pasting cartoon poster, etc, are some of the ways to make it more engaging and captivating for them.

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